It’s My First Blogiversary!

15 Oct

One whole year! Happy birthday, blog! Partaaaay!

I’ve been doing this for a whole year! (Except for, oh, the last two months. Did you miss me? I missed you!)

Life has been super interesting and a bit of a whoosh as I became the married Ms. WhatJulieAte. (I kept my name.) All good stuff!

Here’s just a taste of what’s happened since last we touched base:

Melissa made me a cake!

Mel made me a cake!

The inimitable Mel from the Cupcake Friday Project made me a mini wedding cake! A delicious almond cake with espresso frosting and chocolate and salted caramel drizzle. And I mean look at it! Wowsa. I get both Dr. WhatJulieAte and a mini wedding cake in the same month? Jackpot!

I was also brought to the edge of sanity by a fresh, local honeycrisp apple. I ate one and then broke out into full body hives and grotesque plastic-surgery-victim-like swelling of my lips, eyes, hands, and feet. But I didn’t realize it was caused by the apple, so I ate ANOTHER ONE.

I hate you, stupid honeycrisp.

I hate you, stupid honeycrisp.

And then five days later, I stopped itching like a madwoman. Total nightmare. No apples for me for a while!

I also took a trip to the Quad Cities on the Illinois/Iowa border. No great food shakes, but some interesting vittles, like this pepperoni calzone from Huckleberry’s Pizza and Calzones that had a nice zesty sauce:

Hello, I am not health food.

Hello, I am not health food.

We found some legit barbecue at Big Mouthz BBQ in Davenport, Iowa.

BBQ for 2, or more realistically 4.

BBQ for 2, or more realistically 4.

What's that? You want a close up on the meat?

What’s that? You want a close up on the meat?

A side trip to Iowa City, which I really liked, yielded this grilled chicken burger:

The cheeseburger of Iowa

The chickenburger of Iowa

The motto of Iowa is the confusingly plural “Fields of opportunities.” You have the opportunity to plant a field of soy. Or one of corn. That seemed like the extent of the opportunities as far as I could tell.

Truckload of melons

Truckload of melons

The Davenport farmer’s market wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped – there aren’t really heirloom varieties there as much as there are mass quantities of your basic fruits and veggies. Here we see corn and melons. No tricks.

Jumping to another time and place, here is a giant plate of Americana:

Coopersburg Diner Chicken a la Penne

Coopersburg Diner Chicken a la Penne

I love the diners of Pennsylvania, and the Coopersburg Diner is a pretty good one. Above is the curiously named chicken a la penne – kind of literal – in tomato cream sauce with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms. Because it also came with soup and salad bar (for $12.95 total!), I barely ate this. And then my mom left the leftovers at the restaurant. Womp womp!

Occasionally I take myself out to lunch, and this meal at the newly-opened Indeblue was an epic success:

Beautiful thali!

Beautiful thali!

This non-vegetarian thali was sooooo good. Every component made me groan with delight. It’s a bit fusiony, but the spicing was right on with everything. Best Indian food I’ve had in Philly.

Also newly opened is Pizzeria Vetri, the newest restaurant from Marc Vetri, whose Osteria held our wedding!

Yummy salad

Yummy salad

That was a baller arugula salad with potatoes, riccota salata, olives, and pesto dressing. I look forward to many more meals there!

And finally, one of my latest obsessions, unsulfured Blenheim apricots from Trader Joes.

So tangy!

So tangy!

So that’s just a little bit of what I’ve been up to. I hope to bring you more cooking and eating stories soon! Thank you for being an important part of year one for the blog!!

2 Responses to “It’s My First Blogiversary!”

  1. wildbluewonder October 16, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    Wow, your meals look sooo good!! And yes, that is a very awkwardly phrased motto, Iowa… as a writer/editor, I think they could have used more time at the drawing board on that one!

  2. aaron February 11, 2014 at 4:36 pm #

    Julie, has there been something wrong with your internet connection the past 4 months? Or did your fingers become dangerously sticky from those unsulfured apricots, causing your keyboard to malfunction? That happened to me once and it wasn’t pretty. Anyhow, we’d love to get a quick update.

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