Jerusalem Mixed Bean Salad

8 Aug

There’s been a condition going around in the summer of 2013. You might call it Jerusalem fever. I’ve got it bad.

My enthusiasm for the cookbook, Jerusalem, is unbridled. I can be a picky eater, but this book I literally want to make everything.

You may remember I made its fava bean kuku, and also the semolina marmalade cake. Now, I am on to perhaps the most delicious one yet, the mixed bean salad, whose recipe you can find at the Guardian website right here.

Can you hear the angels singing?

Can you hear the angels singing?

Truly the best green beans I’ve ever eaten. And not all the beans were, in fact, green.

Beans from Plowshare Farms

Beans from Plowshare Farms

Alas the purple ones do turn green when you cook them. But that purple is plenty fun while it lasts. I also felt the hand of kismet come down and muss my hair a bit when I discovered that Whole Foods sells a fresh herb mix for fish that contains dill, parsley, and tarragon, the three herbs I would need. (Nowhere I’ve ever lived in America has had chervil readily for sale.)

I boiled the beans and roasted up the red pepper.

Into the oven!

Into the oven!

I then left them in a bowl to meet and greet while I made an equivalent of a tarka for dal – an oil infused with garlic, cumin, and corriander seed. From there you just spill the oil over the veggies and toss with the chopped herbs. Couldn’t be simpler.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance."

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

The flavor is a mixture of sweetness from the veg, fresh brightness from the herbs, and intense spice notes from the seeds, all wrapped up with a garlic kick. Fresh off a farmer’s market run, I paired it with roasted multi-color beets (?!!) lightly dressed with lemon oil, and chicken sausages. I felt pretty impressed with myself!

Finished beans w dinner

One Response to “Jerusalem Mixed Bean Salad”

  1. Beth (OMG! Yummy) August 8, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    And you should feel impressed with yourself! Great blog post, lovely description, and a simple but fantastic plate of food just I like I would imagine it. I was lucky enough to have lunch today with a Tasting Jerusalem member visiting the US from New Zealand! and we were just talking about how wonderful it is to fill a summer plate with the best of seasonal veggies and just a simple protein to really highlight the veggies. Glad to have you on board for Tasting Jerusalem Julie!

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